Rich Sander Launch of Antares Rocket

On Wednesday, April 17 we took a nice four-hour drive from the Philly area to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia to watch the launch of the Antares rocket. It is carrying a Cygnus cargo ship, due to dock at the International Space Station on Friday.

posted: 4/18/19

Jim knarr Meteor from last night

This is a video fro my survallence camera of the meteor. The camera is located on pine ave in wildwood nj.

posted: 4/17/19

jim6300loco Farm Girls on their horses in Longswamp Township watching the train go by.

Sunday Afternoon April 14,2019 2 farm girls watching the train on the Allentown & Auburn Railroad in Longswamp Township, Berks county, PA. between Kutztown and Topton. rumor has it that the Easter Bunny was a passenger.on the train.

posted: 4/15/19

Aron Levin Rainbow

4/15/2019 - 9:30 am. West Chester, PA near QVC Studios

posted: 4/15/19

Anonymous Tree fallen

Tree blocking my entrance n exit door. At 1913 Spring Garden St.

posted: 4/15/19

Lizbeth Vazquez Another shot from Philly

Huntingdon & Emerald. Kensington area. Really bad weather coming out of nowhere.

posted: 4/15/19

Lizbeth Vazquez 3:36 am

Tornado warning. Huntingdon & Emerald. Kensington area. Very scary sounding winds. Some people were running to shelter. Lot of lightning. No thunder sounds.

posted: 4/15/19

Steve Wasson Eagles nest

Eagles nest

posted: 4/13/19

Steve Wasson Osprey fishing 4

Osprey fishing 4

posted: 4/13/19

Steve Wasson Osprey fishing 3

Osprey fishing 3

posted: 4/13/19